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Gloster corona and Gloster consort breeder

Photo gloster corona
Photo gloster corona best in show bologna 2009
foto gloster best corona  ardesia bologna

My name is Paolo Boldrini,

I am 43old  and live in a small village within the province of Ferrara (Italy).
I have been breeding Gloster since 1990; then, I was attracted by the main characteristic of this marvellous canary: the tuft (Corona).
After some years of experience,characterised also by negatie episodes, such as regularly cheated by famous breeders every time I bought from them, i finally decided to ingreed the few truly good birds I had in my stud. (And I advise all of you to do the same, if you haveany truly good birds).
I have soon obtained good results and in a few years I have reached a high quality standard enabling me to win many prizes at shows , to my great satisfaction.

Expo 2010

Ercolano Gloster Show  2010
Judge: M & D Moore

3 First classifield
1 Third classifield
Best Corona Cock ( Variegated dark )
Best Corona Cock ( Variegated dark ) >>>>Best in Show

Expo 2009

Bologna Gloster Show 2009
Judge:  Durrell & Durrell

6 Glosters exposed
3 First classified
2 Second classified
1 Third classified
Best Blue ( Corona Hen )
Best Corona Cock ( Variegated dark)
Best Corona Hen ( Variegated dark ) >>>> Best in Show

Coccarde Northumbria Gloster
Coccarde Best Gloster
Gloster Corona and Gloster Consort, cinnamon,fawn, blue, green and dark

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